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Arbra Calvert’s Photo’s FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Did Arbra really take all of these pictures?
The vast majority of these pictures were taken over the years by Arbra.  The notable exceptions are pictures with Arbra in them (though he took some of those as well), and those older pictures of his family.

Were all of the pictures taken with a digital camera?
No.  While virtually all of the pictures Arbra takes now are digital, those taken before 2002 we taken on 35mm film or slide film.  Older photos have been scanned from older prints or the original negatives.


Arbra Calvert’s Photo’s FAQs

How many cameras does Arbra use now?
Two primary cameras, plus the camera in my cell phone.  His best camera is a Nikon Digital SLR with various Nikkor lenses, but he also uses his small and very portable pocket camera, a Panasonic TS3.



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